The project was born from the desire ‘not to lose everything’ that for years has characterized this city ‘and in this particular area within which our project is structured with power and personality’.
A large container fretwork stands at the center of the lot all ‘inside of which integrates past, present and Karosta’s Future.
Strong and ‘the historical appeal of the materials used for the interior lining of the buildings that amalgamating their mark in the space inside the cube, suspended and supported the volumes they play completely free of plant being composed in a strict but at the same time highlighted the play of light empty and full geometrically everything.
A space for the community , a collection of ideas and culture, a beacon for the city’, a strong and clear signal that says Karosta there is.Visitors are greeted by a large square that runs through the building and extends across the length of the lot. The functions do not rest on the ground but are lifted from the ground through the use of a staircase that has not only a functional value but also symbolic. Through the use of local materials, the building tells the story of the city to experience the past and the future at the same time.

324 Ghost Town Challenge
14 project / Studio Batoni
Karosta / Lettonia

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