Redevelopment of urban areas to the city of Vibo Valentia
Designed as a pole of attraction for the city, intervention selection, the establishment of six centers of interest in Vibo Valentia, an added value to the city center, a point of interest for tourists and the inhabitants themselves. An interest that led to the discovery of all installations, widely and spontaneously across the country.
Visual sign and guidance for those arriving for the first time in Vibo, a meeting point and a reference for those who live the daily life of the city.
Two different ways of seeing the proposed interventions: a path to follow, an involvement that leads the visitor’s attention on installations, stimulates and encourages you to continue to the discovery of all the “gates” or a simple emotion, a suggestion that affects the eye and to characterize and identify a specific area.
Six installations, six new landmarks, can enrich the entry points to the city from the suburbs also, at the same time ensuring a redevelopment of the surrounding areas.
And it is precisely this emotional journey, the common thread that binds the six interventions, made possible thanks to the use of materials and shapes that recall the area, so present in everyday life and architecture of the place, to make clear the link between the various installations. 


648123Riqualificazione urbana delle aree di accesso alla città
2011 project / Studio Batoni
Vibo Valentia

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